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Take your own Passport Photos
This is a great project for anyone who wants to ensure that the photo on their passport is the way they want it (as appose to the usual prison suspect versions that seem to come out in all of us when we use a photobooth)

However if you want to take your own passport photos you must stick to some stringent rules.

Firstly you will need to find a background area to stand against when taking your photo this should be a light-coloured and not 100% white where possible.

You will also need to make sure that you have enough brightness to give the impression of being shot under bright light, like a flash. But note you must not be too bright that it washes out details of your facial features.

Once you have taken your photo you will need to ensure that you position it on a canvas of 35mm wide by 45mm tall, you will then need to position the top of your head a quarter (25%) down from the top of the area, then when printing ensure your printer is set to its highest quality setting.

Ensuring that your passport form is filled out correctly.
This is one of the most major problems in terms of delays in passport applications as missing sections on the forms can lead to them being delayed in processing or in worst cases being sent back to you. One way you can insure that this dosen't happen is to take your completed form to your Local Post office Branch they offer a service for around £8 where by they will check your passport and send it off for you.

Frequent Flyer?
If you travel regularly you may want to try applying for a jumbo 48 page passport, as this will still be valid for 10 years but will give you much more freedom if your are a frequent flyer, this will cost slightly more than a standard passport but the saving on later hassle could be priceless!

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