Adult Passport Renewal, Do I need a Counter-Sign?

When renewing your adult passport and you are only renewing due to either an expired passport or passport that is due to expire in the near future many customers are not aware that the counter-signatory part of the application process is often not required unless you have changed significantly since your previous (most current) passport photo. This article aims to he...

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Nearest Passport Offices & Urgent Appointments

If you have booked or are looking to book an appointment at your local passport office to use either the urgent services, which includes the 1 Day Premium service or the 1 Week Fast-Track Service or you need an appointment for a first-time adult passport. This article is to help you plan your appointment from locating your local office to directions parking informatio...

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Name Changes, What Documents Are Required?

If you have or are thinking of changing your name recently, whether that is through marriage or a civil partnership, or you have changed your name via deed poll you will need to think about updating your passport. Many travellers are aware that if your legal name does not match your passport you may not be able to travel. This has resulted in customers being refused b...

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Frequent Questions: Child Appointments

Thousands of travellers are heading off this summer to all corners of the globe and many of those people are families making the most of their children having 6 weeks off school. As we are all aware this is one of the busiest times of the year for travel. All modes of transport including airports, ports and Eurotunnel see a huge surge in passengers. Unfortunately, so...

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Be Careful When Applying Last Minute

Many holiday booking sites, travel agents and airlines advertise last minute deals to grab a bargain and save money booking last minute is often the most desirable way to travel. The problem that many travellers are facing is they book these fantastic deals and realise that their passport has expired, is damaged or it has been lost in a move. This has led to a large ...

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Don’t Ruin Your Holiday - 4 Week Check

Many people spend weeks or months planning their perfect trip, focusing on the cheapest flights or the best hotels, where to go or what activities they want to do once they arrive, but one thing we are finding more and more is customers are failing to check their passport in time to travel. Thousands of people miss out their holiday plans due to their passports being...

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Spread The Cost With Pay Monthly

Applying or renewing your passport can be expensive, luckily it only has to be done every 5 years for a child's passport and every 10 years for an adult's passport. But, even with the rarity that you need to renew your passport the recent price rises has left some people and families unable to even consider applying for or renewing their passports. This means many peo...

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Passport Application Forms & Ways To Apply

We are currently in peek season for UK passport applications, The Passport Office is dealing with a huge influx of new applications daily, so to help you find the best and most efficient service we have laid out which types of applications are available for each service. As the service you are able to use is dependant of your circumstances please ensure you do not boo...

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Don't Delay, Peak Season & Urgent Appointments

With sweltering heat over the early May Bank Holiday it is a sure sign we are now in peak passport season. May, June and July are certainly the busiest months over the Summer with December being peak season in Winter. These peak seasons see an incredible surge in passport applications as well as an enormous increase in urgent passport requests. This May Bank Holiday ...

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When You Don't Need a Passport To Travel

For many people when you think of travel you assume you will always need a valid UK passport, you may be shocked to hear that you don't always require a passport to travel. Thousands of holiday makers and travelers take advantage of these passport free travel routes every year making these some of the most traveled to countries from the UK. We are going to go through...

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Passport Faults & Mistakes On Passports

We always recommend customers routinely check their passports for damage, wear and tear as these issues cost travelers thousands of pounds every year in missed holidays, additional travel plans and the inconvenience of needing to replace your existing passport. However, with this in mind there are some parts of your passport that you can not inspect for damage like th...

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Passport Fees Increased

Earlier this year The Home Office proposed a significant price increase to almost all passport applications, this proposal went largely unreported and as a result many customers are unaware of the impending price changes. Some passport applications are set to increase by 27% with this staggering jump in price many people will want to know why this is happening now an...

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