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Opening statement

The privacy practices of this statement apply to all services available under the domain and sub domains of Passports-Office.co.uk which is provided by Teladvisor Ltd.

Our Services

Passport-office.co.uk provides four main services to our customers, Text-based Information & Advice via our website, Recorded Information Phone Lines, Live Operator Phone Lines, and Passport Application Submission Services.

We offer advice via our website and email, all information is not deemed as professional advice but mearly a helpful guide for those who wish to find out information regarding passport applications and general passport queries.

We also offer advice by telephone whereby you are able to talk directly to our operators regarding passport applications and general passport information. If at any time during a call you decide to use our Passport Application Submission Services we will direct you to our website. When using our online submission services we will ask for information such as Full Name, Date of Birth, Address, along with other information regarding your current passport. We may also ask for additional information regarding your family members such as Mother, Father, & Grandparents in order to complete certain types of applications.

All information submitted via our website is stored in our secure database, and will only ever be used to submit/process passport applications by Teladvisor Ltd on your behalf. By entering your mobile telephone number at the time of your submission you agree to be contacted via text message regarding the progress and/or non-completion of an application. We are currently fully compliant with the Information Commissioner's Office and are registered to handle personal details safely and securely under the Data Protection Act, our ICO reference number is: Z338400X.

Our Content

All content on this website is unique and has been written by or on behalf of Passports-Office.co.uk employees/freelance writers (it it not deemed as professional advice and we always advise our callers to seek official advise to confirm any information given, all images have been sourced from istockphoto.com and all text and articles are not to be copied without permission.

Refunds for Premium Rate Services

If you feel that any of our premium rate number services have not provided you with a worthwhile and accurate service you can request a refund of the call charges by writing to: Teladvisor Ltd, Bridge House, Britannia Enterprise Centre, Waterworks Road, Hastings, TN34 1RT. Please note that in order for us to process a refund you must also include a copy of the phonebill clearly showing the charge amount for our number service on your bill, we will then be happy to issue a full refund within 7 days.

Refunds for Check & Send Application Services

When using our Check & Send Consultancy Services we clearly state at the start of the application that we offer a "Passport Application Submission Service", we do not claim to offer passport applications directly from our website. Our service will check and validate your details are correct, before submitting them to the Identity & Passport Service on your behalf, we also require that you agree to the terms & conditions of our service at the time of placing an order.

In the event that you feel our service did not meet your requirements we would be happy to offer a refund on the condition that you send us the "Official Passport Form" that you have received as a result of using our service within 14 days.

We require this form to be sent to Teladvisor Ltd, Bridge House, Britannia Enterprise Centre, Waterworks Road, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 1RT. This is to ensure that you have not used the form to obtain your passport using our checked and validated information, as this would mean that you have found our service satisfactory. Once this form is received it will be destroyed and a full refund will be issued within 7 days.

Third party advertisers

This website uses Google Adsense to display advertising to its users, Due to Google's new service known as "Interest Based Advertising" they may gather non-personal information regarding your computer system and or use Cookies in your browser to display relevant adverts on this website. this may include information from your google search history, IP address, operating system and or browser software. The gathering of this information is purely an act of enquiry by Google in order to serve you relevant advertising, please also note we do not have any affliliation with Google except via its Adsense program.

Our site provides an array of links to other websites via the use of links and Google Adsense adverts, the sole purpose of this website is to provde relevant information to its visitors and not to collect information.

We are not responsible for any outgoing links or pop up windows as a result of clicking any links or Google Adsense advertisments on this website.

Parental Notice

The Internet offers a world of opportunity for children. Your guidance is essential to help ensure that children have a safe online experience. Children (persons under the age of 18) are advised to only use this website under the supervision of your parents or guardians and only individuals over 18 should call any of our premium rate or local rate numbers.


Teladvisor Ltd reserves the right to change its policy at its sole discretion, effective date of any change in this privacy policy will be clearly marked, lasted updated: 10/11/12

We offer an information & application submission service, alternatively you can visit the ips service. Talk to one of our live
operators today for advice and passport information, calls are charged at £1.53p per minute plus network extras.

This website is not affiliated with identity and passport service from which similar information is available for free.We are an independent service provider offering Check & Send Services for Passport Applications, please see our Terms & Conditions or contact us on info@passports-office.co.uk. For enquiries not related to passports call: 0203 598 2314. Teladvisor Ltd, Bridge House, Britannia Enterprise Centre, Waterworks Road, Hastings, TN34 1RT. All prices shown are exclusive of VAT at 20% | (Registered in England and Wales) | Company No. 07063938 | Vat No. 130017575