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What To Expect, Attending Urgent Passport Appointments

Urgent Passports

If you have recently booked an appointment to attend one of the 8 regional passport offices in the UK for an urgent service, this article aims to provide advice for those looking to attend the one day passport or fast track one week passport, you may be wondering what the process is when you arrive at your appointment. This article aims to help you with the main topics relating to attending urgent appointments at your local passport office, from planning your travel to how the process works once you arrive at the office. Read more

1 Week Passport, Fast-Track Passport Appointment

Urgent Passports

The one week service can be used by both adults and children who need their passport urgently but may not meet the requirements for the one day passport service, due to either age, state of their current passport or circumstances, this guide gives details for whose who wish to book and attend an urgent 7 day passport service. Read more

1 Day Passport, Same Day Passport Appointment

Urgent Passports

If you need your passport urgently due to travelling within the next 4 weeks or if you need proof of identity for a new job or another purpose as soon as possible, you can book a 1 day passport service. In order to do this you will need to pay for the extra service and you can only use this service if you meet certain requirements. Read more

Urgent Passports Help & Guidance

Urgent Passports

Urgent passport applications have certain requirements that many people are often unaware of when applying, we have prepared this helpful guide for those looking to renewal a Passport using the Same Day or Weekly Fast-Track passport services. These services are available at all 8 Passport Offices throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. A new passport office has also recently opened in Birmingham to support the mid region of the UK and to reduce travel time for many attendees. Read more

How long does a passport last?

General Passports

Passports come in different types and have different expiry periods depending on age and circumstances, this article aims to outline the types of passport length and how your age or situation may effect how long your passport lasts. When it comes to passports, there are several different types and expiry periods. The HM Passport Office is responsible for issuing passports to British citizens and those with the right of abode in the UK. Read more

Does my child need to attend the fast-track appointment at HM Passport Office?

Childrens Passports

When applying for a passport for a child, it is not necessary for the child to attend the appointment at the HM Passport Office. The parent or guardian who has filled in and signed the form is the only one who needs to attend the appointment, this applies to any applicant under the age of 16. Read more