About us

We are an independent service provider that specialises on help & support for British Passport applications. We have been helping consumers with various passport related issues for the past 5 years and we pride ourselves on providing the very best service to our customers. Please note that we are in no way affiliated with HM Passport Office and alternative services are available at both the Post Office and via the gov.uk website for lesser fees.

The passport industry can be confusing for consumers with so many ways to apply and various restrictions on who and when an individual can apply for or renew a Passport. For this reason, we have been providing additional assistance services in order to help make the passport application process, less stressful and easier for consumers.

If you would like any further information on the services we provide or for customer related enquiries please feel free to email us on: contact@passports-office.co.uk.

Our Services, Benefits & Fees

Our E-Check & Send Service

Our checking service offers customers the chance to submit thier applications online for them to be checked for errors and omissions prior to submission to HM Passport Office. In addition to our checking service customer will also receive a personalised guide email and dedicated advisor line for any additional queries in relation to the application or supporting documents they will need to provide. Our fee for this service ranges from £15-£29 per applicant (please note that this is in addition to the standard HM Passport Office fee).

Call Connection Service

Our call connection services help consumers find and connect to the correct government services quickly and helps avoid the need to search for government services numbers from various different sources. The charge for this service is £1.55 per minute, plus network extras.

Appointment Booking Plus

Our appointment booking service has been designed to make booking an urgent passport appointment more convenient and with additional benefits of further support and guidance supplied much faster than the government service can provide to consumers. The main benefits of this service are as follows:

• Detailed email confirmation
Unlike alternative services you will receive details email confirmation of your appointment with further information & guidance regarding what to bring when attending and supporting documents you need to provide.

• Cancellations & refunds
If you have chosen the wrong appointment type or are unable to apply for an urgent service you have chosen.

• Dedicated advisor phone line
Each customer is given a direct advisor line in order for them to get fast and informative answers to queries relating to applications & supporting documents, (this line operates from 9am-5pm mon-fri).

• Ability to book more than 21 days ahead
HM Passport Office does not allow advance booking of appointments, our system has been designed to allow our customers to book in advance and appointments will then be confirmed once the 21st day is reached. This service is often beneficial to business customers and individuals who may be out of the country for extended periods of time.

Our fees for our appointment booking & information service ranges from £15-£29 per applicant, this fee is in additional to the HM Passport Office fee.

We are an independent service provider offering services & advice, for further support in addition to HM Passport Office services when applying for your British Passport. We offer assistance for both standard postal and online booking services for urgent passports.

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