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Aragon Court
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You can book Urgent Fast-Track services by phone (during office hours) or online 24hrs

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• Not available for First Time Adult Passports

Peterborough Passport Office

The Peterborough office is open for customers to attend for both urgent appointments and interviews in relation to postal applications made either online or via the Post Office, the main services available at the Passport Office in Peterborough are as follows:

Appointments Available At Peterborough

• 1 Day Premium Service (Adult Renewals Only).
• 1 Week Fast-Track Service (Adult Renewals/Child First Time & Renewals).
• Pre-arranged Interviews (After Applying for a Atandard 2-4 week Service).

Please note that you are not able to turn up at the Peterborough Office without a pre-booked appointment, they may refuse you grant you access to the building due to security procedures, therefore if you have made a postal application it is advisable to send this via post rather than attempting to visit the office to hand in your application.

When Attending Appointments

If you wish to attend the Peterborough Office for an appointment you must first pre-book and pre-pay for your appointment either by phone or online. Since 2016 HM Passport Office now requires all appointments to be paid in advance, this is due to missed appointments and disruptions to the schedule prior to this change.

When attending the office in person you will be required to bring along supporting documentation depending on your application type, however this always requires a pre-filled passport application form and two passport sized photographs. Other documentation such as proof of name change or birth certicicates may also be required, however we advise applicants to refer to the guidebook which comes with all application forms from a local Post Office, these application forms are also obtainable by phone directly from HM passport office, if you have ordered one of these forms please allow up to 5 working days for delivery.

Please note: It is not possible to obtain Temporary or Emergency Travel Document from the Peterborough Office, this service is only available to UK citizens who are abroad from local embasseys.

Further Information

If traveling by car Peterborough Passport Office the postcode for the office directly is PE1 1QG, however for convenience the location of the nearest multi-storey car parking services are located at PE1 1AY, this is located a short walk from the main Peterborough Office location.

If you are traveling by train Peterborough train station is located a short 4-5 minute walk from the Passport Office on Station Road, Peterborough.

When traveling to Peterborough on the day of your appointment we recommend allowing an extra 45 minutes to 1 hour for your journey incase of delays, this is due to the fact that if you fail to attend or miss your appointment time by more than a few minutes then HM Passport Office may refuse to see you and will require you to re-book and re-pay for your appointment for either another time that day or if they are busy this would need to be re-booked for a future date.

This is due to the fact that they often have bookings back-to-back daily and will often have other customers booked in immediatley befoe and after your chosen booking slot, therefore accomodating for lateness an missed appointments is not possible.

The opening times for the Peterborough passport office are as follows:

Mon to Fri 8:00am-8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-3.00pm

We are an independent service provider offering services & advice, for further support in addition to HM Passport Office services when applying for your British Passport. We offer assistance for both standard postal and online booking services for urgent passports.

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