Child Passport Applications

When it comes to getting a passport for your child is does require additional documentation.

Getting a child passport or a passport renewal for your child does require additional documentation.
The Passport office needs to see documents that prove your child is of British nationality, such as a birth certificate or other form of identification document. Please note that they are not able to accept copies of photos of the said documents they must be originals.

If you are still not sure what you need to send, you can call the passport advice line for further details.

The costs of a child passport can be as follows: A first time child passport costs £49.00 for standard service and £122.00 for fast-track one-week postal service. The premium one-day service is not available for first time child passports as there is more paperwork to process so please leave yourself plenty of time when applying for your child's first passport.

The parents role

When applying for a child passport, it can be difficult to know whose signature is required. In some cases, parent separation can make this a grey area.

If you are the child's parent or a guardian, you are able to sign the forms.

In most cases either the mother or the father can sign the application process, unless there is a court order that has been issued that puts the parental responsibility in dispute. We were also told by a recent caller that a child custody or maintenance order did not take away (as a parent) parental responsibilities to the child, and we were obliged to add this to the website as an informative statement.

Please also note that if both parents are present on the childs birth certificate, then both parents have equal rights to sign the passport application on behalf of the child.

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