Urgent Passports

Emergency Passports

When can I use an urgent passport service?

Urgent passport services are available to individuals who want to renew a passport quickly, we highly recommend this service for applicants who are planning to travel within the next 4 weeks as standard times for the postal service are 3-5 weeks with no guarantee.

Please note that urgent services are only available for:

Urgent Appointments

Find a local passport office or call the booking line:

Find Nearest Passport Office

Book Urgent Appointment

You can book Urgent Fast-Track services by phone (during office hours) or online 24hrs.

Types of fast-track services:

How much do urgent passports cost?

The costs of the premium & fast-track services are as follows:

  • 1 Day Premium / Adult Only (£193.50)
  • 7 Day Fast-Track / Adult (£155.00)
  • 7 Day Fast-Track / Child (£126.00)

When attending urgent appointments

You must pre-book your appointment

If you wish to attend an urgent passport service at a local passport office you must pre-book and pre-pay for the appointment in advance, you are not able to just turn up at the offices without notice due to security procedures in place. You can arrange an appointment in advance by phone (using the booking line above), when calling you must give specific information of the applicant for whom the passport is for aswell as the attending party for example on behalf of a child or family member attending on the applicants behalf.

Required documentation

When attending your pre-booked urgent appointment you will be required to bring certain documentation along with you, the compulsory required documents are a passport application form (which you can obtain from any large town Post Office or directly by phone from HM Passport Office) along with two identical passport-sized photographs.

Other documentation that may be required only relate to certain application types, this can range from your old/existing/expired passport, proof of name changes (Marriage Certificates/Deed Poll etc) and original Birth Certificates for first time applications. Please ensure that you check the guidebook which comes with the passport application form as to the supporting documents required for your particular application type, see our Guidance For Attending Urgent Appointments.

Can you get a passport in 24 hours?

Yes you CAN get a passport in less than 24 hours by using the Premium 1 Day service, however this is only available for the following:

  • Renewals of adult passports
  • Renewals of adult passports, if you are renewing an existing child passport and are now over the age of 15, see more about child to adult passports

You CANNOT use the 1 Day 24 hour service if:

* You can however still use the 7 day fast track service.

Urgent Services & How To Book

If you would like to book an Urgent Fast-Track Service to renew your current UK Passport or if you are applying for a First Time Child Passport you will need to Find a local Passport Office and book an appointment, or (use the booking line number above).

Please note that the passport office can get very busy at peak times, some offices only have bookings up to a week in advance, we recommend booking your appointment as soon as possible to avoid delays, see the urgent booking button above.

Please note: To save you distress and hassle on your journey to the passport offices we strongly recommend that you do not book holidays or travel arrangements until you have received your new passport.

First Time Adult Passports

Please note: If this is your First Adult Passport or you have only ever held an old Blue Cover Passport you can only apply via the standard postal service either via a local Post Office or using the online service.

This will take approx 6-7 weeks to get a Passport and in most cases the Passport office will require that you attend an interview as part of the process. This is due to the fact that it is a much more thorough process than simply renewing an existing passport as you will need to supply documents such as your UK Birth Certificate which then has to be verified, you can see more information for first time passports.