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Can I apply/renew a Passport without parents details?

Adult Passports

If you are filling a passport application for an adult or a child online or using a paper form you have obtained from a local Post Office you will notice that section 4 has fields for parents' details, however when applying for a British passport these details are only required to be filled on the form for certain types of applications, which include the following: Read more

Adult Passport Renewal, Do I need a Counter-Sign?

Adult Passports

When renewing your adult passport and you are only renewing due to either an expired passport or passport that is due to expire in the near future many customers are not aware that the counter-signatory part of the application process is often not required unless you have changed significantly since your previous (most current) passport photo. Read more

Your First UK Passports & Eligibility

Adult Passports

UK passports are considered to be the most powerful travel documents in the world, along with Finland and Sweden a UK passport grants you visa free or visa upon arrival to 173 countries around the world. With unrestricted access to so many countries it's clear to see why UK passports are so desirable. Read more

Passport Name Changes, Gender, Titles & Reverting to Previous Names

Adult Passports

Applying for a new passport or renewing your existing passport often requires a lot of personal information to be entered either online or by filling a paper form application, but as we know your personal details can change over the years due to life changes and personal circumstances, this article aims to help you when applying and making a change to your details from your previous passport. Read more

Child To Adult, Can I Fast-Track?

Adult Passports

One of the most frequently asked questions about passports is how to change a passport from a child's to an adult's and can they use the Fast-Track services. We aim to clear things up for you and make it as simple as possible, from what services you can use to restrictions on applications, as well as countersigning your passport photos and how to take the perfect photos. Read more

Can I Travel on my Child Passport as an Adult?

Adult Passports

Quite often people have many questions about their upcoming passport renewal. What to do if I have lost my passport? Which sections do I have to fill out? Will I have to attend an interview? But with summer nearly upon us the questions asked by many young adults are: Read more