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Does my child need to attend the fast-track appointment at HM Passport Office?

Childrens Passports

When applying for a passport for a child, it is not necessary for the child to attend the appointment at the HM Passport Office. The parent or guardian who has filled in and signed the form is the only one who needs to attend the appointment, this applies to any applicant under the age of 16. Read more

Renew Child Passport | First Time Child Passport

Childrens Passports

Applying for a British passport for a child under the age of 16 is a straight-forward process that can be done through the HM Passport Office. However there are a few different ways which require slightly different information and/or documentation to complete the application successfully. Here are the different ways and important guidance you need to follow to both apply for a first time and renew a child's passport in 2023. Read more

Stop A Mother Or Father Taking A Child Abroad

Childrens Passports

There are many reasons why a parent or guardian would want to stop their ex-wife or husband from taking their child or children out of the country, and for many people their children being taken abroad without their consent is a huge concern and a real possibility. The reasons behind these concerns can vary widely from domestic disputes, child arrangement orders, disgruntled ex's, child abduction and even the possibility of travelling to countries with links to terrorism. Read more

Frequent Questions: Child Appointments

Childrens Passports

Thousands of travellers are heading off this summer to all corners of the globe and many of those people are families making the most of their children having 6 weeks off school. As we are all aware this is one of the busiest times of the year for travel. All modes of transport including airports, ports and Eurotunnel see a huge surge in passengers. Read more

Children & Urgent Appointments

Childrens Passports

We receive many questions from concerned parents' in relation to children's appointments for urgent Fast-Track 7 Day Services, this article aims to address many of these common questions to help you when planning the renewal or first time application for your child under the age of 16 years. Read more

First Time Passports & Foreign Parents

Childrens Passports

For most people applying for a first time passport your nationality isn't ever a problem, as usually you apply for a passport in the country you were born in. However, with hundreds of thousands of people moving to different countries around the world to start a new life for themselves suddenly your nationality and your eligibility are now big questions. Read more