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Child To Adult, Can I Fast-Track?

One of the most frequently asked questions about passports is how to change a passport from a child's to an adult's and can they use the Fast-Track services.

We aim to clear things up for you and make it as simple as possible, from what services you can use to restrictions on applications, as well as countersigning your passport photos and how to take the perfect photos.

One of the most efficient ways of dealing with any passport application is applying online; you can also fast-track your passport if you are an adult. This will speed up the whole process and if you are looking to use the Fast-Track services then we would always recommend using our online services.

Fast-Track Services

There are two types of Fast-Track services that are available to you if you are changing your passport from a child's to an adult's. Which one you decide to choose will depend on how quickly you need to renew your passport and whether or not you have your old passport in your possession.

1 Day Premium

This 1 Day Premium service is available to customers who are in possession of their old child passport and have all the relevant supporting documentation. This service is perfect for people who are also travelling very soon or on short notice as you will have your passport the same day as your appointment.

1 Week Fast-Track

If you previously had a child's passport but it has been lost or stolen than you are only eligible the 1 week Fast-Track service. This will guarantee your passport within 7 days. As well as all the relevant supporting documents you will also need to have with you a completed LS01 form - this is the form you will need to complete if your passport has been lost or stolen.

Were you on your parent's passport?

Until recent changes were made many children were included on their parents passports, unfortunately if this is this case for you then you are unable to use any of the Fast-Track services.

You will also need to attend a first time interview; these are different from the Fast-Track appointments and are normally arranged within 1-2 weeks after you have sent your application.

If you were on your parent's passport and are now 16 years of age or older you are unable to use any of the Fast-Track services and will have to use the standard service via post which can take between 4-6 weeks once you have attended your first time interview.

Children's Passport Appointments

If you are applying for a child's UK passport and are required to attend an urgent passport appointment at your Local Passport Office you may not be aware that the child or children in question do not need to be present at the appointment.

If you have parental responsibility and have signed the application on behalf of that child, this means you are acting on their behalf therefore the child is not obliged to attend the appointment with you.

Her Majesties Passport Office actually advises customers not to bring any children under 16 into the building. There are several reasons for this.

The first is because of the sheer lack of space within the Passport Offices. HMPO advise that only one person per application or one person per family. The second is to save to time and to ensure that all customers get seen quickly and efficiently. And lastly it ensures the security of the building and everyone inside; it can be quite daunting for children as there are strict security measures in place inside all Passport Offices.

Countersigning Your Photos

There is always some confusion over when and how to countersign your photos, not all passport applications need their photos and form's countersigning. So before you start your application have a look here and see if the type of passport you are applying for requires a countersignature.

• Your first adult or child passport.
• Replacement for a lost, stolen or damaged (Child & Adult) - How to check if your passport is damaged
• Renewal of a passport for a child aged 11 or under.
• Renewal of a passport if your appearance has changed and you can't be recognised from your existing passport photo.

If you are simply applying for a renewal of a child or adult passport there is no need for your photo to be countersigned, and you can continue to send your application without it. If you are in any doubt then please do ask any errors on the application will cause delays in your passport process.

Children's Passport Photos

Children's passport photos can be some of the trickiest to get right but here are some easy rules to follow to get it right first time.

• Eyes open.
• Neutral expression.
• Mouth closed and no trace of a smile or tears.
• No dummies, bottles or blankets over the child.

If your child id under 6 months old than HMPO are slightly more flexible as they understand than babies can be tricky little characters, so for them they ask.

• All photos to be taken on a plain white, cream or light grey background
• If under 6 months the eyes do not have to be open
• No toys, dummies or other people must be visible in the photo

A great tip for young babies is to lay down a white sheet on the floor lay the baby down and take the photo from above. This will give you a much clearer picture than is someone was to hold to baby upright.

Getting you passport application right first time saves you both time and money and we hope that this information does just that. If you would like to make an appointment you can see more information about getting a Fast-Track Passport.

Changing your UK passport from a child's to an adult's can be a daunting prospect but hopefully with the information we have provided you have a better understanding on what options are available to you and what best suits your situation.

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