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Second Passports for business purposes

Many people are not aware but there is a solution for adults travelling to restricted countries or those who have to apply for multiple Visa's for certain travel destinations. The HM Passport Office does offer a service whereby individuals over the age of 16 can obtain a Second Passport (for business travel purposes).

If you wish to apply for one of these additional passports you can do so with the following services:

• Standard Postal Service (4-6 week turnaround)
• 1 Week Fast-Track Service (7-8 days depending on appointment)

If you are thinking of using this service please note there are a few additional requirements when applying for the Second Passport:

• You must obtain an application form from your local Post Office, this is to then be filled in assuming it is your First Adult Passport, this must include parents details and must also be countersigned by a non-related individual that you have known for at least 2 years, and that works in a recognised profession (see here for list of counter signatories that are accepted)

• You must also present a letter from your employer, this will need to be on letter headed paper and must:

• Be from a senior representative at the company i.e. director, manger

• Explain the reasons for needing a second passport, this must include destinations of expected travel and/or reasons for example visa applications to multiple embassies or travel during a visa application period.

• Be both signed and dated by the representative.

• Note: if you are self employed you must provide this on behalf of yourself so that it still meets the criteria above.

• You must also provide two additional passport sized photographs when applying.

If you require any further assistant on second passport renewals please call the Contact the Passport Office Adviceline.

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