Passport Application

Passport Renewal

There are various circumstances under which someone may wish to renew their passport.

  • If your passport has expired or is due to expire soon.
  • If your passport has been lost or stolen.
  • If your passport is nearly full of stamps and the pages are running out, you can also request a larger 50 page passport if you travel frequently.
  • If your passport is damaged (beyond reasonable wear and tear).
  • If you have changed name due to marriage or deed poll change.
  • If your passport has incorrect information or an error.

Adult passport renewal

Passport renewal for an adult passport is a straight-forward process. You can renew a passport online or by post, it will take 3-5 weeks on average (providing that the application form and required supporting documents are correct). After the passport renewal you will then receive a new 10 year 32 page passport, or a 50 page jumbo passport (for frequent travellers).

Child passport renewal

Child renewals require more information on the passport application form than an adult passport renewal, you will also need to get someone who has known the parent (applying on the child's behalf) to counter-sign the form and one of the photographs.

Need your passport in less than 4 weeks?

Renew online or book an urgent passport service:

Renew Online

Book Urgent Appointment

Types of fast-track services:

  • 1 Day Passport Renewal (Adults Only)
  • 1 Week Fast-Track (Adults, Lost, Stolen & Child Passports)

You can book Urgent Fast-Track services by phone (during office hours) or online 24hrs.

How much does it cost to renew a UK passport?

The costs of passport renewal vary for adults and children, the costs are below:

  • Adult (32-page) £82.50 Online / £93 By Post
  • Adult (50-page) £93.50 Online / £104 By Post
  • Child (32-page) £53.50 Online / £64 By Post
  • Child (50-page) £64.50 Online / £75 By Post

How many months before expiry can I renew my UK passport?

If you need to renew your passport early, it is important to note that you can only do so if the passport is within 9 months of the original expiry date. The remaining time (including 9 months time prior to the expiry date) will be added to the new 10 year expiry time. For example, if the original passport expires in 8 months but you are travelling soon, you will be issued a new passport with 10 years and 8 months expiry time.

What documents do you need to renew your passport?

All Application Types (Adult/Child)

  • Apply online amd upload a photo from your device
  • Apply by post and fill in a passport application form, you will also need to provide two identical (passport sized) photographs

Renewals Only (Adult/Child)

  • Send off your current/expired passport

Lost, Stolen, Damaged (Adult/Child) or Child Passport

  • Get the application online or paper form counter-signed by someone who holds a valid British Passport, who is also in a recognised profession and not related in any way, see more about who can countersign a passport

If you are unsure if your passport classes as damaged (beyond reasonable wear and tear) check if your passport is damaged.

First Time Child Passports

  • A full copy of the child's birth certificate (from a registry office), photocopies/scans will not be accepted.
  • Other supporting documents if the child or child's parents were born abroad see first time child/baby passports

In some circumstances grandparents details (for either Mother or Father) may also be required on the form or an additional document, see more information about grandparents details for passport applications.

If you would like more detail on the documents required see when attending urgent appointments.

How long do passport renewals take?

Passport renewals take an average of 3-5 weeks to process once they have been received. This timeframe can vary depending on year-round busy times or period of peak demand such as between the months of May and September. If you have already applied for your passport renewal you may be looking for ways to track a passport renewal.

How do I renew my UK passport quickly?

If you are applying for a renewal, you should make sure you leave plenty of time for the process, and if you need your passport in less than 4 weeks it is advisable to use an urgent passport service.

The quick passport services available are:

  • 1 Day Passport Renewal (Adults Only)
  • 1 Week Fast-Track (Adults, Lost, Stolen & Child Passports)