Urgent Passports Help & Guidance

Urgent passport applications have certain requirements that many people are often unaware of when applying, we have prepared this helpful guide for those looking to renewal a Passport using the Same Day or Weekly Fast-Track passport services. These services are available at all 7 Passport Offices throughtout the UK and Northern Ireland.

Who is eligible?

When it comes to getting your passport urgently, you must fall into one of the eligible categories to do this as not everyone can get a new Passport using the Premium One Day Service and will need to plan ahead in order to save disappointment:

Eligible for the One Day Premium Service:

• Renewal of Adult Passport (who are still in possession of their expired/existing passports)

Eligible for the One Week Fast Track Service:

• Adult Renewal
• Adult Renewal (Lost or Stolen Passport)
• Adult Renewal (Damaged Passport)
• First Time Child Passport (for those under the age of 16 years)
• Renewal of Child Passport (for those under the age of 16 years)

Not eligible for any Fast-Track Service:

• First Time Adult Passports (for those who have either never had a British Passport or for whose who still possess the old blue cover Passports)

How fast can I get a passport?

In order to get your Passport urgently you will need to book an appointment at a local passport office. As there are only 7 major Passport offices throughout the UK you will need to find your nearest one, you can use our Passport office locator here.

You will need to either call the passport advice line to book an appointment by phone or request a booking online here if more convenient.

You will need to choose a date and time to attend, you will also need to specify as to which appointment would best suite your requirements, either the One Day Premium Service or One Week Fast-Track Service.

What documents will I need to provide on the day of the appointment.

Documents to provide with your passport application can be different depending on your particular application type and requirements, please see a run down below or the various requirements.

All Applications

• You will need to obtain a Passport Form from your local Post Office
• You will need to provide two identical (passport sized) photographs
• Take along your old passport (even if damaged, unless lost or stolen)

Lost/Stolen Damaged or (If you have changed significantly since your old photographs)

• You will need to get both the Passport Renewal Form (Section 10) and one of the photos countersigned by someone who currently holds a valid British Passport, they must also work in a recognised profession and must not be related to you in any way.

• If you passport is damaged please take this along to your appointment

You will also need to attend 15 minutes early for your appointment, this is due to a security check when entering the building, please note is it also advised to leave any sharp objects at home to save you being delayed in the security area.

If you would like to book an appointment online you can do so by clicking the link below, alternatively please contact us to book via phone.


Need more information?

Talk with our 24 hour helpline

0984 249 0011

Lines open Mon-Sun

Calls to this number are charged at 92p per minute plus your phone provider's access charge.

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