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Guidance For Attending Urgent Appointments

For those of you that have decided that you would rather use the Fast-Track or Premium passport services rather than use the slower, more traditional postal application, you will need to attend a passport appointment at a Local Passport Office.

Many people can find this a little daunting, it's an official and legal document, whereby you need to visit a government building with plenty of security, and many people have no idea what to expect when they arrive.

So, if you're looking to make a passport appointment or you already have one and want a better idea of lies ahead then please see guidance below:

Making An Urgent Passport Appointment

If you haven't made your appointment yet don't worry it's really simple. First you choose what type of appointment you require.

Fast-Track Service

A Fast-Track appointment will have your passport ready and sent back to you within 7 days - this service is suitable for nearly all passport applications.


Premium Service

A Premium appointment will have your passport back to you within 4 hours - please be aware there are some restrictions to this service as follows:

• Premium is only available for Standard Adult Renewals
• Premium is NOT available for Lost or Stolen Passports
• Premium is NOT available if your Passport is Damaged
• Premium is NOT available for children under the age of 16 years


Both of these services have a guaranteed turn around time whereby you will either receive your passport on the same day/next day or within 7 days via secure courier.

Before your appointment

Before the day of your appointment you must ensure you have the follow -
• A correct and complete passport application form (you can get these from your Local Post Office)

• Two passport size photos, which adhere to the passport photo guidelines.

• Countersigned photo and section 10 of the application (see who can countersign).

• All supporting documents - Current Passport, Birth/Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificates or Deed Poll Confirmation etc.

• Booking reference number (do not forget you will need to present this to gain access to the office)


Please ensure that you are between 10 and 15 minutes early, this is to allow enough time to get through security. You must also ensure that you have no sharp items, such as nail scissors, metal nail files or weapons of any kind; you may not be allowed to enter the building and attend your appointment if you do.

You will pass through security which is very similar to airport security, metal detector and an x-ray machine for your belongings. This is for the safety of the staff and the public.

Once you have passed through, you will asked for your booking reference number, this is the number you are given when you make the initial appointment. You will then go on to a waiting area.

The Appointment

Once you have been called up for your appointment you will need to give all your documents and photos over, the interviewer will then go through your application checking it is all correct as well as your supporting documents and photos, if all is well and they are satisfied with your application you will be given a receipt as confirmation.

Please remember that if your application is not correct or for whatever reason they are not happy with your application this can cause severe delays and you may not be able to have your passport in the time frame for the service you have chosen. So it is very important that you have everything you need.

After The Appointment

If you are using the Premium service your passport will be ready within 4 hours and you will need to return after this time with the application receipt given to you previously by the clerk.

If you are using the Fast-Track service your passport will be sent to your address within 7 days or for appointments after the offices cut-off time 8 days after the date of you appointment.

Is someone else submitting or collecting your application?

Many people are not aware that someone can attend you appointment on your behalf. There are many reasons why someone is not able to attend themselves and the Passport Office understands this. This is also true upon collecting the passport. In these situations you must ensure that the third party has all the relevant information with them, not doing so can result is them being turned away from the office.

They will need the following -

• Valid photo ID, e.g. passport, driving licence, or utility bill that's less than 3 months old

• A signed and dated letter from you, naming them and giving them permission to both submit and collect the passport on your behalf. (This letter must be signed & dated, it must also reference both the applicant and attendee with full names, for example it cannot read "I give permission to my mother to attend" it must read similar to "I Mr John Smith give permission to Mrs Julie Smith to both attend and collect my passport on my behalf".

• The application receipt (received when the cashier accepted the application)

• Booking reference number (do not forget you will need to present this to gain access to the office)

Offices available


For more information and directions for each office please use our Local Office Finder.

Hopefully our guide to passport appointments have given you a much better idea of how this sometimes tricky, process works, and also how to avoid long waiting times.

Getting the application and appointment right can make a huge difference in the passport process, and we want you to get it right first time and get your passport fast. If you would like to book a fast-track service please see below:


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