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The HM Passport Office is responsible for issuing passports, In 2022 HM Passport Office introduced the new blue passport, which replaced the existing burgundy passport.

The new blue passport has a number of enhanced security features, including a biometric chip and a polycarbonate data page. The chip will contain the holder's personal data, such as name, date of birth and photograph, which can be read by border control officers. The polycarbonate data page will be more durable and difficult to tamper with.

H M Passport Office will continue to offer a range of services to British citizens in 2023.

Who is HM Passport Office and what do they do?

HM Passport Office is a government agency responsible for issuing passports to British citizens. It is part of the Home Office and is responsible for issuing passports to British citizens who are either living in the UK or abroad.

HM Passport Office is responsible for issuing passports to British citizens who are either living in the UK or abroad. The passport is a document that is used to prove the identity and nationality of the holder, it is also used to travel to other countries.

They offer the following services:

• First Time Adult Passports
• First Time Child Passports

• Renewal of Adult Passports
• Renewal of Child Passports

Urgent Fast-Track One Week Service (For Adults and Children)
Urgent Premium One Day Week Service (For Adults Renewals Only)

Who runs H M Passport Office?

In 2021, Abi Tierney was appointed as the Chief Executive of the Home Office Passport Office, making her the first woman to lead the organisation. Tierney has a long history of working in the public sector, having previously held senior roles in the Department for Work and Pensions, the Ministry of Justice and the Department for Education.

Since taking up the role, Tierney has been credited with introducing a range of reforms to the Passport Office, including the introduction of a new online application system and a streamlined customer service approach. Tierney has also been praised for her commitment to improving the efficiency of the Passport Office, with the organisation now processing applications more quickly than ever before.

However, Tierney has also been the subject of controversy in 2022, as she and many of the staff were still working from home when the passport office had long delays with passport applications. Tierney has defended her decision to keep staff working from home, arguing that it was necessary to protect the safety of staff and customers during the pandemic.

Despite the controversy, Tierney has remained committed to her role and has continued to make progress in improving the efficiency of the Passport Office. Tierney has also been praised for her commitment to diversity and inclusion, with the Passport Office now employing a more diverse range of staff than ever before.

A long history of issues with HM Passport Office directors

The HM Passport Office (HMPO) has had a long and troubled history of directors who have failed to deliver the level of service and efficiency expected of them. This has caused significant delays and disruption for customers, leading to a lack of trust in the organisation.

The HMPO was established in 2006 to manage the issuing of passports and identity documents for British citizens. It was originally part of the Home Office, but was spun off as an independent agency in 2008. This was done in an effort to improve efficiency and customer service, but it quickly became apparent that the new directors were not up to the task.

The directors of the HMPO failed to implement effective systems and processes, leading to long delays in processing applications and issuing passports. This was compounded by a lack of communication and transparency, which further eroded public trust in the organisation.

In 2013, the government took the decision to bring the HMPO back under the umbrella of the Home Office in order to address the issues that had arisen. This move was welcomed by many, as it provided a more stable and reliable environment for the organisation to operate in.

Since then, the HMPO has made significant progress in improving customer service and efficiency. However, it is clear that the organisation still has a long way to go before it can be considered a reliable and trusted provider of passport and identity services, due to the still ongoing delays with applications as of 2022/2023.

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