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Reporting A Lost/Stolen Passport & Urgent Replacement

Lost or stolen passports cost UK travellers almost £5 million every year in emergency travel documents (ETD) the cost of replacing your passport and the extra cost of travel, time wasted and of course including the inconvenience. Many of these lost or stolen passports happen while people are already abroad on holiday's and business trips which can cause havoc for your return journey, but there are also many more people that have these problems here at home before they even leave.

In recent months there has been a big change in the way in which we report lost or stolen passports, and it's important to be aware of any and all changes to do with passports, especially if you are travelling within the next 4 weeks. We are going to be looking at what you need to do if your passport is lost or stolen at home and abroad.

Lost or stolen passport in the UK

Until recently if you had your passport stolen or it was lost you would use an LS01 form to inform The Passport Office so they could cancel your passport. This has now changed. If you have lost your passport or it has been stolen in the UK you can now report this either online or by phone.

Report online

You can quickly and easily report a lost or stolen passport


This applies to UK passport holders only. This process is quick and easy and should be completed by the passport holder of the guardian of the child, if it is a child's passport.

Reporting this information online makes the whole process a lot quicker and more efficient, you can also fill it in on the go as and when you have time. This means that you can then move forward with applying for a replacement passport before you travel.

Report by phone

If you would rather speak to someone and report your passport lost or stolen you can also Contact the Passport Office Adviceline

Again, this is much quicker the using a paper form and calling is the preferred method for those who find using the internet on a desktop computer or mobile device difficult.

Lost or stolen passport abroad

If you are currently abroad or happen to be abroad when your passport is lost or stolen you now need to fill in a LS01 form.


You can either fill in this form online and then print and sign it or you can print it off and then fill it in using capital letters and black ink only. Once you have completed the form send or take this form to the nearest British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.

If you are unsure of where your nearest British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate is you can find everything you need right [here] which lists every office around the world. Also, this is great to have in case of emergency, as a British Citizen this is a safe place where you can go and get any help you may need whilst abroad.

Replacing your lost or stolen passport

Once your current lost or stolen passport has been reported you then need to think about replacing it. You can do this in a couple of different ways depending on your circumstances. Finding the best and most suitable option for you is very important, if you don't make the right choice it may delay travel or holiday plans and possibly lose money.

Replacing your passport - No travel plans

If you haven't got any holidays or business trips booked and you have no upcoming travel plans in the next 4 weeks then the best option for you is to apply in paper form.

You can collect an application form from your local Post Office fill it in completely and correctly and return it to Passport Office in the envelope provided with the application form, also see Advice for postal passport applications

The average waiting time for a passport using the standard service is about 3 weeks, but if you are applying during peak season, summer holidays, Easter, Christmas, then the waiting time dramatically jumps up to about 6 weeks and sometimes longer.

Replacing your lost or stolen passport - With travel plans

If you do have upcoming travel plans, especially if they are in the next 4 weeks we strongly recommend customers using the Fast-Track service.

This has a guaranteed 7 day turnaround, but you must ensure you have completed your application correctly, have two current valid passport photos and any supporting documents you may need. Failure to do so may increase waiting times and possibly require another appointment.

You can attend appointments at any of the following Passport Office locations Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Newport and Peterborough. These passport appointments can get booked up very quickly, so if you would like to make your appointment now, you can book an urgent appointment for the 7 day fast-track service below.

Can I use the 1 day premium service?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

However, there are a couple of exceptions to this rule. HM Passport Office will allow some customers to use the 1 day Premium service but this is in extreme circumstances only. If you have a medical emergency or you have suffered a bereavement you may be eligible for this service, but, you will need to contact HM Passport Office to clarify the situation and they will then decide if you qualify for this service or not.

How to keep your passport safe

Once you have your new replacement passport you definitely want to keep it safe and, of course, if you want to avoid all of the hassle of a lost or stolen passport in the first place, here's some tips for you and your passport.

At home

• Keep all your family's passports together
• Try using a small lock box you can keep in a safe place
• Remember where your 'safe place' is
• If you are moving house be sure that one person is in charge of your passports, important documents and other valuables

Abroad / When Traveling

• Always make photocopies - take these with you out and about rather than the original
• Keep all passports in one place
• Always use the hotels safe where possible
• If you do not have a safe create a safe place to keep them
• If you do have to take your passport out with you ensure you keep a close eye on it and the bag you are carrying

Hopefully all of this information will help you when reporting or replacing your lost or stolen passport.

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