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HM Passport Office delays 2022/2023, passport applications would take up to 10 weeks

As of April 2021, the HM Passport Office has seen a dramatic surge in applications for British passports, resulting in a backlog that has caused delays for many people. This backlog has made it impossible for the HM Passport Office to meet its usual turnaround times for new applications and renewals.

HM Passport Office has seen a huge surge in demand during the past few months, with applications rising by over 10% since the start of October. The busiest days so far have been the 10th and 11th of the month, with the number of applications reaching its highest level since 2011. This is due to people wanting to make sure they have a valid passport in case the UK leaves the EU without an agreement.

The HM Passport Office has taken steps to try and meet the increased demand, including recruiting more staff and extending opening hours. The office is also working hard to ensure that all applications are processed within the target times. However, due to the high volume of applications, some applications may take longer than usual to process.

Please allow up to 10 weeks for your new passport after applying

As a result, the HM Passport Office is now recommending that applicants allow up to ten weeks when applying for a British passport. This is an increase of four weeks on the usual processing time, which can cause significant disruption to people's travel plans.

The HM Passport Office is urging applicants to ensure they have sufficient time when making applications, as they may not be able to issue passports in time for planned trips. The office also recommends that applicants check their passport's expiry date at least six months before they plan to travel, to ensure they have enough time to renew it if necessary.

The HM Passport Office are working hard to reduce the backlog, and are seeking to improve their services. However, it is still important for people to be aware of the delays that may be experienced when applying for a British passport.

It is also worth noting that the HM Passport Office is not the only organisation that can issue a British passport. Some people may find it more convenient to use a private passport provider, who may be able to process applications more quickly.

In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the HM Passport Office backlog and to allow up to ten weeks when applying for a British passport to ensure enough time for the application to be processed. It is also worth considering using private passport providers if a passport is urgently needed.

Can I pay more to get my passport urgently?

For those who are in urgent need of a passport, HM Passport Office (HMPO) offers an urgent appointment service. This service allows applicants to receive their passport in time for their upcoming travel plans, The appointment will usually take place within two working days and the applicant will be required to attend with their original documents, please see the number for the urgent booking service below:

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