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Changes to Names on Passports

Have you recently got married, civil partnership, divorced, returned to your maiden name or changed gender? If you have then it's important to know how and when to change these details on your UK passport. To travel overseas you must renew your passport, to keep all you information up to date.

The number of marriages in England and Wales has increased by over 1.7% since 2010 and 74% of those women opting to take on their new partner's surname. Also the number of people undergoing a gender change tripling since 2000, the need for people to change their passport details is increasing every day.

For any legal name change to take place whether that's a child taking on different surname, you using your partners surname, going back to your maiden name or changing your name all together you must change it by deed poll if your not quite sure how to go about this you can always have a look here for all the information you need This should cost your around £36.00.

Is it a minor name change?

If your only going to be making small changes to your name like, changing the spelling of your name slightly, eg Brian to Bryan or Jane to Jayne, changing the order your forenames appear in your passport or your are wanting to add forenames or middle names this is much easier, you simply have to send a supporting document in with you renewal from one of the following; a letter from your local council or government department, driving license, bank statement or a baptismal/confirmation certificate.

If you're removing a middle name there's no need to send any additional document just include what name you'd like to remove on section 8 of your application.

Changing your childs name

All children now need their own passport and if your child already has one and you need or would like to change the surname on their passport you will have to renew their passport.

There are many reasons you may need to change their surname, but once you've done it by deed poll or via your local Register it's fairly straight forward just send the new and updated birth certificate and or deed poll in with your child's renewal application.

*Please note to make any legal changes to a child's name you do need permission from everyone who has parental responsibility for that child…if you are in any doubt or you'd like to read some of the guidelines go to

Are you Getting Married or having a Civil Ceremony?

Many people are still unaware that there are actually two ways to change your name when you are getting married, and depending on what's easier for you, you can decide the best route to take when renewing your passport.

Before the ceremony

If you would like to travel soon after your wedding then you can also change it before your ceremony. You need to fill in dg_175797.pdf which also has to be signed by the religious minister or registrar who will be conducting the ceremony.

This can be done up to 3 months before the ceremony, although please check with the country's consulate that you are intending to visit as some will not accept post-dated passports.

After the ceremony

If you have no immediate plans to travel overseas after your marriage then just wait until your passport needs renewing and when it does note down your name change and send in your marriage or civil partnership certificate with your supporting documents.

Going back to your Maiden Name

If you are divorced and would like to travel using your maiden name, you will need to renew your UK adult passport. Now there are some added extra supporting documents that you will need to send in with your application.
These include;

• Your Birth Certificate

• A signed statement saying you've gone back to your maiden name for all purposes

• Your Decree Absolute

•A Marriage Certificate showing both names

Oh and don't forget, when you sign your application form to sign it using your maiden name.

Have you changed gender?

If you are one of the thousands of people each year that change their gender then it's important that all your forms of identity are up to date, and you are planning a relaxing getaway or a summer in the sun then renewing your passport should be top of your list.

Once you have changed your name by deed poll, changing your name and details on your passport is simple. Along with your application, your new photo and all the correct current details you only need to send off one more piece of supporting evidence and any ONE of the following will be enough;

• A letter from your doctor or medical consultant confirming that your change of gender is likely to be permanent, and evidence of your change of name, eg a deed poll

• A Gender Recognition Certificate

• A new Birth or Adoption Certificate showing your acquired gender

Changing a name or names on your passport can be a lengthy and time consuming experience, but hopefully with this information and can make the process a little easier.

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