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Spread The Cost With Pay Monthly

Applying or renewing your passport can be expensive, luckily it only has to be done every 5 years for a child's passport and every 10 years for an adult's passport. But, even with the rarity that you need to renew your passport the recent price rises has left some people and families unable to even consider applying for or renewing their passports. This means many people on lower incomes or people with larger families are missing out on their annual summer holidays or their weekends away.

The recent price increases took place on 27th March 2018 and many customers were completely unaware this had even come into effect leaving many people who had already booked travel plans scrimping to find the money needed to purchase passport for them and their families, but this is all set to change with the introduction of pay monthly, allowing more people than ever the affordability to apply and renew their passports.

Were you unaware of the price increase?

Even though the passport price increase was featured in newspapers and in the news many of our customers feel that there wasn't nearly enough coverage of this in the news and there wasn't nearly enough emphasis on when the price increase was going to happen, why the price increase going ahead and what options they had if they required a passport but didn't have the means to pay for it.

Why have passport prices increased?

The price changes mean the money collected through fees will contribute to the cost of processing British passport holders as they travel in and out of the country. This would shift the cost and the burden away from the British taxpayer, millions of which do not even hold a valid British passport. These plans form part of the new £100 million on infrastructure and boarder security due to come into force next year.

This ongoing work is to modernise and further strengthen the security of the UK border. Our UK boarder already sees 250 million crossing every year and with this number set to increase the additional money brought in by passport fees will go a long way in not only strengthening our boarder but the costs associated with issuing UK passports and for consular support provided to British nationals abroad.

As well as ensuring that the process of getting a passport is funded by those who use them, the proposals also reflect the vastly differing amounts it costs to process online and postal applications. Her Majesty's Passport Office is continuously developing its online application services, with everyone over the age of 16 now able to renew their passport using the latest online systems.

How much has a passport application gone up by?

• Adult online application has increased by £3.00 (4%)
• Adult postal application has increased by £12.50 (17%)
• Child online application has increased by £3.00 (7%)
• Child postal application has increased by £12.50 (27%)

The cost of the urgent services have also increased.

Fast-Track 1 week service - for a standard adult application is rising by £39.00
Premium 1 day service - for a standard adult application is rising by £49.00

If you are unsure which type of passport you require or would like more information on which passport types are available to you please contact us today on 0333 301 2244 Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm. Weekends and public holidays, 9am to 5:30pm

Passport payment options

Up until now you could only ever pay for your passport applications in one lump sum whether you paid by cash, credit or debit card, cheque or postal order the whole amount need to be paid in advance along with your complete and correct application form.

This has for many years meant that you were unable to apply for a UK passport unless you had all of the money in full up front, leaving many people with larger families or people on low incomes feeling they were unable to afford holidays and trips abroad.

With the introduction of a pay monthly feature thousands more people are now comfortably able to afford to apply or renew their passport and enjoy trips abroad.
Please see below your payment options:

• The Post Office - Cash, credit or debit card, cheque or postal order
• Online - Credit or debit card
• By post - Cheque or postal order
• In person - Cash, credit or debit card, cheque or postal order
• The Passports-Office - Cash, credit or debit card, cheque, postal order and pay monthly

Pay monthly

Many customers are now happy to hear that you can actually pay for your passport application monthly. This method of payment is quick and easy to use and does not require any hard credit search or an excellent credit rating.

We are currently the only company to offer this unique pay monthly option and have seen an enormous surge in customers opting to use this new feature.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, our pay monthly option is available for many different types of people on varying incomes, including if you are a student you're retired, employed, self-employed or even unemployed.

Payl8r provides finance for all bands of customer that might fail traditionally credit checks or have late payments on credit files. They review customers' affordability and "credit future", not just their credit history, provided that you are a UK citizen and have a UK bank account with a credit or debit card and online banking.

Who are Payl8r?

Payl8r provides credit to customers to purchase goods and services online and pay back via monthly installments. They provide finance options for hundreds ofretailers, online stores and service providers and can now help you afford to apply or renew your passport.

For most customers the decision is automated and takes 30 seconds after you confirm your application. For a small majority of customers, your application may require additional information such as proof of ID or address, this will be advised at the time of your application.

How many installments can I make?

You can choose flexible payment options and spread the cost of your passport application over 2, 3, 6 or 9 months. This will dramatically reduce the initial pay out for your passport application.

Who will the pay monthly option help?

Paying monthly also significantly helps those who are applying for multiple passports such as families or groups travelling together, as a family all applying for first time child passports or renewing their existing passports could incur costs of £300-£500 in addition to holiday and/or travel costs often at the last minute. Research has found that many consumers prefer to pay monthly when having to spend a larger amount.

This will also benefit people and families on lower incomes perhaps if you are a student, are retired or even on benefits.

When will I get my passport?

You don't need to worry about having to wait until you have finished paying for your new passport before you receive it, you will receive your new passport in the same amount of time as if you had paid in full.

The average waiting time for a new passport is 2-3 weeks for a standard application or 3-4 weeks during peak season. Alternatively, if you require your passport sooner you can use the urgent services which include the 1-day Premium service or the 1-week Fast-Track service, for these you will need to book an appointment.

Applying for or renewing your existing passport can be a costly and therefore a stressful experience, we understand our customers needs and aim to offer the best possible service and for us this means offering customers options that are unavailable anywhere else.

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