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Second Passport For Business Travel

You may think the as a UK citizen you are only entitled to one passport for travel, but this is not the case. If you travel a lot for business, or run a company with links and offices overseas then keep reading.

Holding two UK passports in your name could have many benefits to you and your business, it also will help you travel between restricted countries or counties that are currently in conflict. But please be aware these second passports are strictly for business travel and can not be used for personal reasons.

Why get a second passport?

As previously explained you can only hold a second UK passport if you are expressly using it for business travel. So this can help if you need to apply for several different visas or are travelling between conflicting countries for example Israel and Iran. You would be unable to travel between these two countries using a single passport.

Being unable to travel freely for business reasons could damage your business or the company you work for and many companies doing international and global business might suggest that its employees possess a second passport to solve travel issues.

Will it be the same as the passport I already have?

The simple answer is no. Many people might assume that it would just be a duplicate of your existing passport but they would be wrong. Your second passport for business travel would be a completely unique document like every other passport it will have a unique passport number.

Your personal details like your name address and photo will of course be the same.

How do I apply for a second passport?

Applying for your second passport is slightly different to applying for your first adult passport or just renewing your old one.

Here is what you will need:

1) An application form - These are available at most local Post Offices or you can use our online service.

2) Two passport size photos - Need help? Please see our photo guidelines.

3) A countersigned photo including section 10 - This must be from a recognised profession check our list for more information.

4) Supporting documents - As this is like applying for your first passport you will need to prove your UK citizenship and will need to provide one of the following:

• Your current UK passport - This is the easiest option if you have it

• Birth Certificate - if issued in the UK and you were born to UK parents

• Birth Certificate & copy of your UK parent's/parents' passport(s) - if you were born outside the UK and have at least one UK parent

• Certificate of Naturalisation - if you became a UK citizen through naturalisation

• Certificate of Registration - if you are a family member of a person who became a citizen through naturalisation.

• A letter stating why you require a second passport - We have provided you with an example below, please note that if you do not provide enough evidence your application may be denied. If you are self-employed please state this on the letter and sign it from yourself.


*On Company Letter Headed Paper (If employed by a company)


Date (day/month/year)

London Passport Office (or the address of the office you will be attending)
Globe House
89 Eccleston Square

To whom it may concern


We would like to apply for an additional passport for the above employee.

Mr / Mrs………………………. Is employed by our Company as a {JOB TITLE} and is the holder of a valid British passport No. ……………

Mr / Mrs ………………………. Travels extensively overseas and requires a second passport for business purposes due to {REASONS HERE}

Mr / Mrs ……………………… will need this second passport when traveling to various countries, including the following {LIST COUNTRIES VISITING}.

Due to these overseas business commitments a second passport will be required.

Thank you for your urgent attention of this application.

Yours faithfully,

Name of signatory
(Must be a Manager or Director only)

How long will my application take?

As you need to apply as if it were a first adult passport you can use two different options available to you.

Standard postal service

The standard postal service normally works on 4-6 week turn around; this is obviously quite a slow process also if you happen to be applying at peak times like summer or Christmas this wait can be greatly increased.

Fast-Track service

This Fast-Track service is also known as the 1 week service and normally takes 7-8 days to receive your new passport in the post. You will need to book an appointment and attend an appointment at your local Passport Office.

If you are planning on travelling in the next 4 weeks we would highly recommend using the Fast-Track service to avoid any disappointments with your travel plans.

Hopefully we have given you all of the information you require to get your second UK passport for business travel, helping you make your business more successful globally.

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