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Does my child need to attend the fast-track appointment at HM Passport Office?

When applying for a passport for a child, it is not necessary for the child to attend the appointment at the HM Passport Office. The parent or guardian who has filled in and signed the form is the only one who needs to attend the appointment, this applies to any applicant under the age of 16.

(!) If the child is 15 years and 50 weeks (within 2 weeks of their birthday), and you are renewing the passport, then the child will need to attend as they will receive an adult passport and will then be classed as an adult in the eyes of the passport agency.

Steps for booking a child appointment for the urgent fast-track service:

1. Contact the HM Passport Office appointment phone line and follow the automated options for urgent appointments.

2. Provide the operator with the details of the child, including their full name, date of birth and address.

3. Also provide the details of the parent who will be attending the appointment, including their full name, date of birth and address.

4. The operator will then provide you with a booking reference number and the details of the appointment, including the date, time and location chosen, this will be one of the 7 national passport offices.

5. Make sure you have the application form (which you need to obtain from your local Post Office branch) and have completed the counter-signatory by someone who has known the parent attending for at least 2 years and also meets the counter-signatory requirements, see who can sign a passport application.

6. Ensure that the information provided to the operator matches the information on the parent who will be both the attending party and parent who fills in and signs the application form on behalf of the child.

7. Attend the appointment on the date and time provided, you will also need to bring the documents listed in the section below.

8. The child will then be able to receive their passport within one week of the appointment, this is sent to your address via a secure courier service provided by HM Passport Office (Not Royal Mail)

(!) If you want more information about what could potentially delay your application, see our list of things that could delay your application.

What Documents are Required for Certain Circumstances

When attending the appointment, the parent or guardian must bring the following documents:

• The filled in and signed application form (with a counter-signer who has known the parent attending for at least 2 years, who can countersign a passport form and photos?)

• The child's birth certificate (if this is the child's first ever passport).

• A valid photo identification for the parent or guardian (to prove you are the parent stated, this can be a passport or driving licence).

• Two passport-sized photos of the child (one countersigned).

• Any other documents that may be required for the specific circumstances, name changes, adoption certificates etc.

Other Important Things to Note When Attending Passport Appointments

When attending a passport appointment for a child, it is important to remember the following:

• The child does not need to attend the appointment

• The parent or guardian must bring all of the required documents

• The appointment must be booked, and paid for in advance

• The appointment must be attended on time (if you are late they may not be able to see you and you will lost the fee).

• The parent or guardian must be able to prove their identity (Valid photo ID)

• The parent or guardian must be able to answer any questions the passport office may have in certain circumstances, especially if itís a first time child application and one or more of the parents were born abroad.

By following these guidelines, the parent or guardian can ensure that the passport application process runs smoothly and that the child's passport is issued as quickly as possible when using the fast-track service.

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