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Has Peterborough Passport Office Moved?

The Peterborough Passport Office has officially moved locations in 2023 from the old address of: Aragon Court, Northminster Road, Peterborough, PE1 1QG to a new modern premises to cater for the needs of the passport attendees and improve waiting times for both customers attending the office and turn-around times for passport processing.

Why Did Peterborough Move Office Location?

The old Government-owned building, Aragon Court was in need of considerable investment and updating. The new building is in a much more modern setting that will be equipped with the latest technology to provide customers with a better experience when applying for a passport. It is also close to a major transport hub, making it even more accessible to those who need to apply for or renew their passport.

When did Peterborough Passport Office move?

The Peterborough Passport Office relocated to the new office in early 2023, those wishing to attend appointments now need to visit the new Peterborough office address.

What Facilities Are Available At The New Passport Office?

At the new passport office, customers can access all the services they expect from the Passport Office. These services include:

  • The issuing of first-time adult and child passports

  • Renewal of passports for adults and children

  • Applying for a new passport when yours has been stolen or lost

  • Registering a change of name or details

  • Extra facilities such as wheelchair access

  • Urgent fast-track passport services

If you would like more information on the services offered by Peterborough passport office, and to book an urgent passport appointment.

Reasons Behind The Peterborough Office Move

"The relocation of five government services to Fletton Quays will not only modernise the way we work, but will also make sure that we are taking advantage of purpose-built facilities to meet our operational and customer needs," said the government in a statement.

The department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will be making the move to the Fletton Quays site, alongside the passport office and several other government agencies. The relocation offers the ability to design a workspace that is tailored to the different needs of each department.

This £120 million regeneration of the South Bank of the River Nene is expected to streamline government operations while giving staff the ability to create spaces that are better configured to meet their exact requirements.

The government's statement on Fletton Quays highlighted their belief that these new facilities will "offer purpose-built settings, enabling us to design a space that meets our operational and customer requirements."

The relocation of five government services to Fletton Quays has been three years in the making and is expected to give staff the ability to take advantage of purpose-built facilities that are perfectly suited for their operational and customer needs.

The move has been supported by the government, who noted that the new buildings will "allow us to modernise the way we work as well as improving our efficiency and effectiveness." They also underlined their hope that this could potentially make some government operations more streamlined.

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