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Accepted Documents For Applications

One thing that is sure to frustrate many people is making a mistake on an application or not having the correct information and documents to hand when you need them. Passport applications can be among the most difficult applications to get right.

The various application types is what tends to cause the most confusion. If you are applying for a straight up renewal of an adult passport, you may well consider yourself quite lucky that you don't have to produce a significant amount of documentation to support your application aside from your existing passport. But if you are one of the thousands of applicants that needs to provide birth, marriage or naturalisation certificates, or one of the many other supporting documents you may be asked for you may find yourself stumped if your can't find the originals, they're damaged or you are unsure if they are even the correct documents.

Below, you will see some useful advice and tips on where to go for replacement documents and details on making sure you have everything you need to make your passport application as hassle free as possible.

Two passport sized photos

Regardless of what type of passport you are applying for everyone needs to have two passport sized photos included with their application. If it is a child's/first adult or you have changed significantly you will also have to get one of the photos countersigned.

You must ensure that you adhere to all of the requirements when submitting them, if they are not correct you will experience delays. You can use our Passport Photo Guide if you are insure what is acceptable.

Small Children & Infants: A lot of people experience problems when trying to get photos for young children and infants. Our best advice is to go to a professional photographer who is aware of all the requirements ensuring you get it right first time. If you decide to do them yourself, laying the child on their back and taking the photo from above is a great way to get a good photo. If you are in any doubt please check the guidance booklet before submitting them with your application.

Previous passport

Unless your passport has been lost or stolen, or you are applying for either a first time child/adult passport you will also need to make sure you have your previous passport to hand. As The Passport Office will need to cancel it before issuing your new Passport.

If your previous passport has been lost or stolen you will need to make sure you submit an LS01 form with your application (this form allows the Passport Office to cancel this passport even though you do not have it in your possession. When filling in the LS01 please try and give as much detail as possible regarding when and where your Passport was misplaced or stolen. This form can be either collected at larger Post Offices or can be downloaded online -

Birth Certificate

If you are applying for either a child or adult first time passport you will need to supply a Birth Certificate (this MUST be the one that also has your parents details on it also known as a Full Birth Certificate). You will also need one if you are changing from British Overseas Territories Citizenship to a British citizenship.

UK Birth Certificate (Foreign Parents)

If your child was born in the UK but neither of the parents currently hold a British Passport, each parent will need to supply either a Full Birth Certificate (which needs to be translated into English) or will need to supply their current Foreign Passport to support the application. Please rest assured the Passport Office will return all supporting documents that are sent with any application.

Change of name

The most common reasons for a change of name on a passport is either due to marriage or divorce and many people decide to use their married name or return to a maiden name. If this is something that you would like to do then you must ensure you have either you marriage/civil partnership certificate or a decree absolute (if divorced). Please ensure that all documents that are submitted are the originals and not copies or short versions as these will not be accepted and may cause delays.

If you need replacement birth or marriage certificate you can visit the General Register Office - where you can order full certified copies that are accepted by The Passport Office.

Need An Urgent Passport?

We don't want you to experience any delays when it comes to your passport and hopefully this information will go some way in stopping that from happening. But, if you do find that you have been caught out with an unexpected delay and your travel time is within the next four weeks we would recommend booking an urgent service this gives you piece of mind knowing the exact date you will receive your passport ensuring that your travel plans are not spoilt.

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