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How Long Are Passports Taking In Belfast?

Standard postal and online passport applications in Belfast can take anything from one to six weeks, depending on the type of service used.

The Home Office advises that anyone applying for a passport or renewal in Northern Ireland should allow for a maximum of six weeks for their application to be processed before making any travel arrangements.

Standard Passport Service in Belfast

Standard passport applications are usually approved within three weeks of submission. However, due to the potential for delays in the postal service, anyone applying should allow for a maximum of six weeks before they receive their documentation.

When making an application, applicants will be given a receipt number to use to track the progress of their application online. This will show when their application package has been received by the Belfast office and when it is in progress, if you have already applied for your passport application or renewal with the standard postal or online service, there are various ways to check the status of a passport application

How to get a same day passport in Belfast?

Belfast office does offer a range of urgent passport services for those who need their passport in a hurry, however you can only use each service if you meet the requirements.

Urgent passport services in Belfast

For those who need their passport quicker than the three to six weeks standard processing time, there are two services on offer by the Belfast passport office:

Premium one day service

If you've opted for the premium one day service (Adult renewals only), you must return to the office after four hours to collect your passport with a copy of the receipt given to you when you attended the appointment.

One week fast-track

If you've opted for the one week fast-track and have booked an appointment at Belfast Passport Office, you can leave the office on the day of your appointment and your passport will be sent to you via a secure courier within 7 days (including weekends, but excluding bank holidays)

The one week service is also available for:

  • Child first time and renewals

  • Lost & stolen passports

  • Damaged passports

Can you walk into passport office Belfast?

It is no longer possible to simply walk into the Home Office in Belfast to apply for a passport. You must now make an appointment in advance by calling the passport booking line. You will then be given a booking time slot and you must attend at this time with a passport application form and supporting documents in order to use the urgent passport services.

They also have airport style security when attending, so you will not be permitted entry into the building without a pre-booked appointment.

How to book an appointment for Belfast Passport Office

In order to book the premium one day or fast-track one week service you will need to call the Passport Booking Line. You can then choose a date and time suitable, once booked you will need to ensure that you have the correct supporting documents for a passport appointment.

On the day of your appointment booking you need to plan your journey so you are not late or miss your passport appointment, otherwise you may not be able to attend to receive your passport and you will also lose the fee paid.

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