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Can I Go To Durham To Get My Passport?

The Passport Office located in Durham is available to assist citizens of all ages with passport application requests. This includes renewals for adult passports, as well as first time and renewal applications for child passports.

It is important to note that all visitors require an appointment to gain access to the office. Without a pre-booked appointment you will not be able to access the building, this is done for the safety and security of our customers and staff, and to ensure the fastest and most efficient service possible.

How long are passports taking at Durham?

When attending an urgent passport appointment at the Durham office the wait times for the new passport to be issued can vary depending on the applicant and the type of appointment you are attending.

How Long Does The Appointment Last?

If you visit Durham Passport Office to support your application, the appointment should only take around half an hour. Please take into consideration when attending, you must bring with you a completed form and any supporting documents. Please see more here about attending appointments and required documents.

Premium One Day / Same Day Passport

If you've chosen the premium one-day passport (Adult renewals only), you must return to the office after four hours to pick up your passport with a copy of the receipt given to you when you attended the appointment.

One Week Fast Track

If you've opted for the one-week fast-track passport and have made an appointment at Durham Passport Office, you can leave the office on the day of your appointment and your passport will be sent via a secure courier within 7 days (including weekends, but excluding bank holidays).

The one-week service is also available for:

  • Child first time and renewals

  • Lost & stolen passports

  • Damaged passports

Can You Get A UK Passport In 24 hours?

You may be able to get a full passport in using the one day premium service by attending the Durham office for a pre-booked appointment, provided you meet certain criteria. These are:

  • Be an adult (16 years or older).

  • Have an existing UK passport which expired less than 9 months ago.

  • Your passport is not damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear or reported to have been lost or stolen.

  • Not having already applied by post or online for the standard service application.

Before scheduling a visit to the Durham office, it is necessary to bear in mind that appointments must be pre-booked by phoning the passport booking line.

Keep in mind that depending on availability, they may not have slots open today or the next day. Usually, most passport offices only have availability two to five days ahead of the current date. Therefore, it is advised to not make travel arrangements until you have attended your meeting and approved everything and the passport is ready to be printed.

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