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Can I Go To Durham Passport Office Without An Appointment?


When renewing your passport or applying for a new one at the Durham Passport Office, it is important to note that you are unable to simply turn up at the office. pre-booked appointment are required for attending the office to use any of the passports services. Durham has security measures to ensure the safety of everyone within the premises and can only permit entry to those who have an appointment reference number. The office is operated by the Home Office, this means it utilises stringent airport-like security measures to promote a safe environment for both staff and visitors. Read more

How Do I Contact The Passport Office In Durham?


If you have recently sent a new passport application or renewal of passport application to the Durham Passport Office and are seeking an update directly from them, please be aware that they do not have a direct line of communication or online form to contact directly. This article aims to provide useful information about the services offered by the Durham Office and how to obtain updates and book urgent appointments if required to obtain your passport quickly. Read more

Can I Go To Durham To Get My Passport?


The Passport Office located in Durham is available to assist citizens of all ages with passport application requests. This includes renewals for adult passports, as well as first time and renewal applications for child passports. It is important to note that all visitors require an appointment to gain access to the office. Without a pre-booked appointment you will not be able to access the building, this is done for the safety and security of our customers and staff, and to ensure the fastest and most efficient service possible. Read more