Lost Passport Guidance

Losing your passport before you holiday can literally make or break your plans. Nearly 20,000 British passports were reported as either lost or stolen worldwide last year alone. This does not include the many more thousands of passports that people are not yet even aware that they have lost their passport. Since 2010/11 there has been an 11% increase in the amount of...

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How To Get Your Passport Faster

Getting your passport in time can be a very stressful experience, especially if you have already booked your travel plans and your travel date is coming up. Although we always recommend to never book travel until you are sure your passport is valid, more and more people are trying to snap up those last minute deals. But, in the process of trying to save a few pounds, ...

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Second Passport For Business Travel

You may think the as a UK citizen you are only entitled to one passport for travel, but this is not the case. If you travel a lot for business, or run a company with links and offices overseas then keep reading. Holding two UK passports in your name could have many benefits to you and your business, it also will help you travel between restricted countries or counti...

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Getting Married & Passport Name Changes

Thousands of people every year dream of their perfect wedding and for lots of people that might mean a wedding abroad, white sands and beautiful beaches or a winter wonderland adventure it sounds like an idyllic way to start the rest of your lives together. And, for many more people a honeymoon is a must do after you've tied the knot. But, as with most things there i...

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USA Passport Rules Get Even Tougher

We are always being told to keep up to date with any passport changes, and as we've seen in recent years these changes are happening g more frequently and these changes can affect you travel dramatically. While most of us might only check passport information when we are due to travel, we mainly concern ourselves with the changes to UK passports, but many more people...

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Passport Renewal: Apply Online & By Post

The passport industry in the UK is a multi-million pound enterprise with well over half a million passports issued and renewed every year. With nearly 10,000 UK passports being lost or stolen and many more needing to be renewed every year the passport application process is, and has in recent years become one of the most tightly regulated processes in the world. With...

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