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How Do I Contact The Passport Office In Durham?

If you have recently sent a new passport application or renewal of passport application to the Durham Passport Office and are seeking an update directly from them, please be aware that they do not have a direct line of communication or online form to contact directly. This article aims to provide useful information about the services offered by the Durham Office and how to obtain updates and book urgent appointments if required to obtain your passport quickly.

What's the procedure to contact someone at Durham Passport Office?

Due to the centralisation of its services by HM Passport Office, the Durham Passport Office doesn't offer any direct contact avenues. The feasible way to communicate with the passport office is through the Passport Adviceline service, which stays operational from Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-3pm. This multilingual service will connect you to a consultant who can assist you with your inquiries.

Is it possible to visit Durham Passport Office without an appointment?

In order to have a face-to-face interaction with a representative, it's important to book an appointment with the Durham Passport Office. Below mentioned are the services that benefit from an appointment:

  • Renewal of adult passports (either using the One Day Premium Service or One Week Fast Track Service)

  • First-time child passports (One Week Fast Track Service)

  • Renewal for children's passports (One Week Fast Track Service)

  • Replacement of damaged passports (One Week Fast Track Service)

  • Application for replacement of lost or stolen passports (One Week Fast Track Service)

  • Booking passport interviews (for first-time adult passports, only available via postal service)

However, appointments are not available for these situations:

  • First-time applications for adult passports (individuals aged 16 and above, applications must be submitted through standard service, typically taking 4-6 weeks)

  • Check on the progress of existing applications submitted via post

  • If your passport hasn't been delivered on its due date and you wish to collect it in person

Durham offices do not offer a walk-in service. It's necessary for each customer to book an appointment in order to utilize these services. You can schedule an appointment by ringing the Passport Appointment Line.

Please be prepared to share basic personal data such as your full name, your contact number, and your home address when booking your appointment. Also, you will need to specify the purpose of your visit to the Durham Passport Office for which urgent service you require. Keep in mind that failure to make a pre-arranged appointment could result in your being turned away from the office as you will need to present your booking confirmation number or email when attending.

Who should I reach out to if my passport still hasn't been delivered?

If you've adopted one of the following passport services and are waiting on the arrival of your passport:

  • You've opted for one week fast-track service but your passport hasn't arrived within 7 days.

  • You've used the online standard service for renewing your passport or applying for a first-time one.

  • You've sent a printed passport application through postal services or using the Post Office Check & Send service.

In case you're looking for an update on your application's status, you won't be allowed inside the Durham Passport Office without an appointment. Instead, for a standard service, keep an eye on your email for your passport tracking link. If you've attended an urgent passport service, please ring the Passport Advice Line to ask about the status.

Remember that HM Passport Office employs secure courier services from third-parties. These could reach out to you via text or email in order to confirm delivery days after using an urgent service. It would be beneficial if you check these communications before making a call to the advice line.

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