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Appointment to Renew A Passport

Urgent Passports

For those adults or children who need to renew their passport quickly, HM Passport Office offers a fast-track one week or one day appointment service for the following types of passport renewal, this article will take you through the steps for how to book and attend an appointment at one of the UK's 7 Passport Offices. Read more

How can I get my passport right the first time

General Passports

Filling out a passport form correctly and supplying the correct supporting documents is essential for a successful passport application. The HM Passport Office will reject any application with more than 3 character mistakes or missing sections on the form that are required, also if any of the required documents are missing they will send the application form back to you which could delay your application for up to 2 weeks. Read more

How do I apply for a passport in one week?

Urgent Passports

HM Passport Office offers a one week fast-track service for those who need to get a passport quickly. However, it is not possible to get a lost, stolen, damaged or child passport within exactly one week. This is because you first have to book the appointment for a date in advance which could take 2,3,4 days prior to attending the appointment, so realistically you are looking at 9-10 days from the time you book your appointment to receive the new passport. Read more

How much do passports cost in 2023?

General Passports

A British passport is obtained through HM Passport Office, is an essential document for any UK citizen travelling abroad, it is also the main form of ID required for any financial or legal agreement, due to this the passport office is in constant high demand with first time passports and passport renewals for those whos passports have been lost, stolen or expired. Read more

British Passport in 2023 | New Blue Passports

General Passports

The steps for obtaining a British passport are straight forward, however they can change depending on your requirements, age and location, applying for a passport can be a complicated process in some instances. However it is possible to start a first time or renewal application from both within the United Kingdom and from abroad. Whether you are a British citizen or a foreign national, there are a few steps you must take to ensure your application is successful, as follows: Read more

How do I contact the UK Passport Office?

General Passports

Even with all of the online services and postal forms, sometimes you just need to call HM Passport Office to make an inquiry or track a passport applications progress, in this article we list some of the most common reasons you may wish to use the phone service, as well as some alternatives that you may not be aware of in order to save you time and not having to wait in phone queues, especially during peak times. Read more