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We are an independent provider, similar services available at, our prices include standard cost of £75.50/£49.00 payable to HM Passport Office & a £15-£29 additional checking fee.

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There are many reasons why a parent or guardian would want to stop their ex-wife or husband from taking their child or children out of the country, and for many people their children being taken abroad without their consent is a huge concern and a real possibility. The reasons behind these concerns can vary widely from domestic disputes, child arrangement orders, disgruntled ex's, child abduction and even the possibility of travelling to countries with lin...

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Emergency Passport

If you need your passport urgently there are a number of ways you can fast track the process:

If you are travelling to your destination within four weeks you may need to visit a local Passport Office.

The two urgent passport services are:
• One Week Fast-Track Service
• Same Day Passport Service

Urgent Passports

We are an independent provider, similar services available at, our prices include the standard cost of £142.00/£177.00 payable to HM Passport Office and a £15-£29 service fee.

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This website provides information about new Passports, renewing an existing Passport, and the details of UK Passport offices. However we are a third party experienced in providing checking services for UK Passport applications, we are in no way affiliated with the government service. Our fees for further advice, information & checking services are £15-£29, alternatively you can apply via, with no extra service fees.

Our service is to provide customers help for issues regarding UK Passport applications, renewals of Passports and special circumstances.

When it comes to either applying for or updating your passport information, the Home Office will often stress that it is very important to get all of the documents that you need together before you apply. This is because there are several methods for passport application and renewal, and personal circumstances often dictate which method is most appropriate.

Please note: as a third party provider we aim to be totally transparent to our customers for the services that we provide as we feel that our further advice & assistance bring value to our services, however should you feel that our services were not satisfactory, please contact us and a full refund of our service fee will be processed.

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This website is not affiliated with Her Majesty's Passport Office from which similar information is available from We are an independent service provider offering services & advice. We charge a service fee of £15.00, £19.00 or £29.00 per applicant, for further support in addition to HM Passport Office fees for your passport.

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